If you have relocated to another state and are wondering whether you should file a Missouri child custody relocation petition, you are not alone. Missouri courts are able to grant relocation permission if one parent shows compelling reasons to relocate. If the move is urgent, however, you should seek legal advice. This article will help you decide whether relocation is a wise move. You can also find other helpful tips in this article. Continue reading to learn more about Missouri child custody relocation laws.

Obtaining permission to relocate is not easy. Relocating with children requires a court order. Whether you are the sole custodial parent or the joint custodial parent, Missouri requires that you notify the other parent in writing of your intention to relocate. The relocation process will require a detailed explanation of your plans, including any plans to modify the existing custody agreement. If the move is not mutual, your attorney can help you navigate the process.

In addition to seeking permission from the other parent, custodial parents may wish to file a Missouri child custody relocation motion. These motions must be filed within thirty days of receiving notice of a proposed move. They must state the proposed new address, home telephone number, reason for the relocation, and impact on the child. In addition, they must include any proposed changes to the existing custody and visitation order. Finally, the custodial parent has 14 days to respond to the motion.

The courts of Missouri put the needs of the child above all else. The presiding judge will consider the child’s best interests. By granting the mother joint custody of her child, the Missouri court makes certain that the child’s life will not be disrupted or harmed. As such, Missouri courts must ensure that both parents are maximizing the child’s potential for growth. But if your child needs to move, it’s important to plan ahead.

The relocation process in Missouri can be confusing. There are specific laws regarding relocation in Missouri. To begin the process, a parent needs to contact the other parent. A Missouri lawyer who specializes in this area of child custody cases will be the best person to handle the case. If you or your ex-partner want to relocate, your lawyer will be able to guide you through the process. If you’re considering a move to a new state with your child, contact a Missouri lawyer today.

The best course of action in a child custody relocation in Missouri is to seek the consent of the noncustodial parent before moving the minor child. If the non-relocating parent files an objection in time, he or she must convince the court that the move is in the child’s best interest. If the non-relocating parent objects, the court will not allow the relocation and will award the noncustodial parent reasonable expenses and attorneys’ fees.