What’s the one thing that can ruin your day more than anything else? If you guessed a visit from the cops, you don’t know the half of it. But what if they had bad news– really bad news– and are telling you that there is a warrant out for your arrest? Then, not only would your day be ruined, but your life would be turned upside down.

And this is when having a good criminal lawyer like Jay P. Mykytiuk on retainer becomes crucial to your future. You don’t have to worry about getting into your car, because you simply have to call your lawyer, and in no time at all, he or she will be there to meet you. Your attorney will take care of everything you need to know about how much bail is right for your situation, and how long you can expect to be held before you are being released. If you are looking for a criminal lawyer in Virginia, there are a few things you need to know first before making an appointment.

  1. Qualifications of Criminal Attorneys in Virginia

Attorneys can be qualified in a number of ways. There are memberships that attorneys must meet each year to make sure they are aware of the laws and evolving issues within their field. Other lawyers have been certified by the supreme court as Virginia criminal law specialists. Qualifications include an accredited bar association, and a number of years of experience.

  1. Education & Scholarship

A criminal attorney in Virginia needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree in law and possess at least a master’s degree if his or her area of specialty has specific education requirements. There are no special prerequisites for the bar exams. That is why most attorneys take them after they are admitted to practice law by the Virginia State Bar and subsequently admitted to the federal court system.

  1. The Experience and Knowledge of the Lawyer

A criminal attorney in Virginia has extensive experience dealing with criminal law. With years of practice under his belt, he will be able to handle the best defense possible when facing a charge that is most unlikely to be approved by the court, such as an expungement. He will also know how to deal with those cases that are most likely to get approval from the judge, such as plea bargain situations.

  1. What to Expect Before Your Initial Appointment

The first stop for most of these Virginia criminal lawyers will be an initial consultation. This should be made at the earliest possible opportunity, so that he can evaluate your situation and determine what your options are. Most of these consultations will take place in the therapist’s office or by phone.

  1. Choosing the Right Attorney for the Job

With so many potential legal problems that can happen to you and those around you, it is often a good idea to keep a list of potential criminal attorneys on hand. A great way to do this is by asking friends who they turn to in times of need. You can also get recommendations from family and colleagues, as well as making sure that you have reviewed all of your licensed Virginia criminal lawyers before making a decision.

When you are facing a criminal charge, you have a lot to think about. Before coming to the conclusion that your attorney is not the right one, or there is nothing they can do to help you and prove your innocence, talk to him or her.