Hiring a Homicide Defense Attorney can help you protect your future. This type of criminal charge carries severe consequences, including lengthy jail sentences and steep fines. A homicide conviction can also result in collateral consequences, such as losing the right to vote and possess firearms. Having a criminal record can impact your employment and housing opportunities. A homicide conviction can have an extremely negative impact on your life. In order to avoid these consequences, you need to prove your defense by a preponderance of the evidence.

Although every criminal defense attorney claims they handle homicide cases, only a few actually have the training and experience to effectively defend a client facing such a charge. Because of the heightened stakes involved, you need a Homicide Defense Attorney with experience. Melanie Roe, an experienced and successful homicide defense attorney, has successfully defended clients in countless murder cases. Her successful record in criminal defense reflects her extensive experience.

As the most serious form of homicide, murder involves the intentional killing of another person. Although this crime is punishable in most cases, it is not always premeditated. You may have been engaged in an act that caused the death of another person, such as assaulting someone or killing a child, or you may be accused of second-degree manslaughter for causing a death while committing a serious crime. If you are accused of homicide, it is vital to hire a competent Homicide Defense Attorney as soon as possible.

The best Homicide Defense Attorney can help you avoid the most serious penalties. The first one, involuntary manslaughter, is a less serious crime than murder. It can result from careless or reckless behavior, and the penalty is typically between five and twenty years in prison. Involuntary manslaughter can have even greater consequences. A conviction for this type of crime can result in a lengthy prison term and hefty financial penalties.

A homicide case has many defenses. Insanity is one of them. Battered women syndrome is a well-established defense in the legal profession. Self-defense is another possible defense. These are all legitimate homicide defenses that can be raised in court. Carl Knowles is familiar with these defenses and can pursue them aggressively. You can rest assured that he will pursue realistic criminal defense options to protect your future.

A criminally negligent homicide charge involves the carelessness or recklessness of a person that results in death. This charge is often less severe than a homicide charge, as it does not require any premeditation. Criminally negligent homicide is a state jail felony. An emotional disturbance at the time of the killing is also an important defense. If an emotional disturbance is a factor, this could mitigate the charges.